Daggercon 2015

Daggercon is a security conference that took place for the first time this year out in west Dublin on the IBM campus. It was free to attend and was definitely one of the biggest events of its kind that I’ve seen in Ireland.  The event was ran very smoothly and with  a real community spirit that hopefully helps grow communication within the Irish information security scene.  All areas of the security community were represented, from hobbyist to corporation.

I didn’t attend too many of the talks, but I did get to take part in many of the other events that were happening. Our team Won the capture the flag event that was ran by the Irish Honeyn3t chapter. We were presented a reward of a pineapple wireless hacking device.

After the CTF I nervously did my talk but was delighted to get good feedback and questions from the attendees. The topic for my talk was Bug bounties, hopefully I helped to raise awareness of them or gave useful tips in how to get involved or started with them . The slides for this talk are available at the following location slideshare.net/securitie/bug-bounties-cn-scal.

I then also took part in a “Secure Coding” competition that leveraged a very interesting platform by the name of Secure code Warrior. This gamified the reviewing of source code and finding security issues in JSP web applications from static analysis. It was definitely more fun than you would expect for a learning platform.

I ended up winning this competition too and being presented with a new Amazon Echo, these devices aren’t available in Ireland at the moment. All in all it was an excellent event and I hope to see it continued in 2016!