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Risk-based Vulnerability Management for SME’s and Startups

I recently was asked a related question and it set me off thinking about how smaller companies could approach such a thing. So, in order to not waste the thought cycles, why not gather them into this blog… Read More

Offensive Anomaly Detection

I hope you are all keeping well and managing as best you can, under whatever lockdown circumstances you may find yourself in. In such stressful times, I find it’s very easy to overwork and subsequently burn out as… Read More

Carving a path!

Operating successfully for 5 and a half years, Securit Consulting has just hit it’s 100th completed contract! Am I finally qualified to hang with the console cowboys in cyberspace?

The Lazy Hacker

It has been over a year since I last blogged, as reflected in this post’s name. My working situation has improved a lot over the past year which has led to me neglecting the previously enjoyed exercise of… Read More

OSCP Certification

Given I have been working in information security for the past few years, I became well aware of the different certifications available as a means of professional development. The certification that stood out as gaining the most respect… Read More

Freelance Security Consulting!

I recently did an interview for a Magazine about bug bounties and¬†hacking Pornhub. When I’m not targeting large multi-million dollar organisations directly through bug bounty programs, I¬†perform security assessments on behalf of small to medium size enterprises. Contracts… Read More