Freelance Security Consulting!

Illustrations by Dave van Patten

Illustrations by Dave van Patten

I recently did an interview for a Magazine about bug bounties and hacking Pornhub. When I’m not targeting large multi-million dollar organisations directly through bug bounty programs, I perform security assessments on behalf of small to medium size enterprises.

Contracts take up a larger amount of my time, as a freelance consultant it can be hard to advertise this work given that I keep my clients and the work I do strictly confidential. I use responsible disclosure and bug bounty programs as a means of advertising my skill-set and hopefully as a means of getting attention for the regular consulting services I provide. I’m available for short term contracts, no shorter than a day and no longer than a month.

My rates are quite cheap in comparison with standard prices one usually expects to pay for security consulting or penetration testing. The reason for this is to make my services more attractive to smaller companies or websites (they need protection too and often can’t afford it).

I’m also still running a special cheap rate for customers based in Ireland. My slightly alternative Penetration Test is essentially a more old-school style, 2 week, multifaceted penetration test. This type of testing is harder to come by these days.

The aim of this testing is to identify the most likely security issues to be exploited by a malicious attacker to ruin or damage your business, looking at your business as a whole. This includes taking a look at all your online assets and also includes performing controlled malware or phishing campaigns.  The goal here is to determine what the most likely attacks facing your particular business model are and to help you resolve or mitigate them. It can help identify issues your staff also need to be aware of. Often organisations don’t realize how much information about their assets or internal company structure an attacker can gleam from public resources. This testing gives a very good overview of where your primary security risks are and can help you to prioritize your efforts.

Alternative 2 week Penetration Test:       €4000
Daily Consulting Rate:                                 €650-850

My prices are generally cheaper for smaller businesses and if I don’t find severe issues.
Contact with any questions, it costs nothing to be curious!